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Enjoy the picturesque free campsites in and adjacent to the village.

The main site is at the junction of the two rivers. Turn north, just east of the bridge over the Numeralla River. At this site you can enjoy playing or listening to music almost 24 hours every day around the campfires.

There are flushing toilets but no showering facilities, although the river is available for refreshing dips. Additional portaloos are onsite for the Festival.

There is generally room to park  your car/caravan/motorhome etc adjacent to your tent. For safety reasons, we ask that vehicles not be driven into the campsite after dark.

There is a designated “quiet” campsite on the western side of the bridge, in the grounds of the tennis courts where flushing toilets are also available, although once again, no showers. From here, it is just a short stroll to the hall.

Fire restrictions for each day will apply to all campsites as required by the Rural Fire Service.

The campsites are managed by the Snowy Monaro Regional Council, please see their website for further details:

Dogs; as much as we love our dogs, uncontrolled dogs are not always appreciated by other campers, or in the village generally and especially at the Hall. Also be mindful that Numeralla is surrounded by farms, and farmers do not look kindly upon uncontrolled dogs anywhere near their stock.

Please keep your dogs on leads and under control if you bring them along. Council Rangers visit from time to time and are legally bound to impound any uncontrolled dogs they come across.

Not Camping

If camping is not your style, there are a number of accommodation options via Visit Cooma  

You can also search and compare the prices of hotels, motels and B&Bs for the Folk Festival in Cooma and nearby by visiting  Trivago