Numeralla Painting Story

We recently received the above image along with the following words:

I was moving some of my art lately and came across your web info and thought the image may have been of interest.

“The artist is Joseph Frost a well known artist and this painting is called “Early Morning at Numerella. It is a big painting, 1.5m tall, and I believe it was his last major work and was commissioned by QANTAS however they didn’t like the rusty drum in the creek and wanted Joseph to paint it out and as Joseph doesn’t retouch his works QANTAS decided to sell it and I was the fortunate buyer.”

We subsequently learnt the following:

“Joseph Frost lived in Numeralla years ago”

and then:

“Apparently Joseph Frost lived in our house. Dieter Schubert has at least one of his paintings as does Peter Brennan. The one Peter has used to be on display in the waiting room of his surgery. Peter said he used to swap paintings for vet work at times.”

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