Management of the Badja Reserve (the Junction)

Recently the Council erected a barrier in order to manage and rehabilitate damaged areas at the Badja Reserve (the Junction). This action became necessary due to ongoing damage from vehicles and fires being lit in non-designated fireplaces. We are advised however, that the area will be available for the Folk Festival (see below).

Information about the long term management strategy for the Badja Reserve may be obtained from the Council.

The Badja Reserve campground at Numeralla is managed by the Cooma Monaro Shire Council. The lower area of the Badja Reserve campground has recently been closed to vehicle access in order to manage and rehabilitate the area. Vehicles can still access the upper areas of the reserve for camping, and the area around the tennis courts in the village.

The lower area will be opened for camping for the 42nd Numeralla Folk Festival which will be held 22-25 January 2016. The Numeralla Folk Festival Committee is seeking advice from Council as to when the campground will be opened prior to the festival – as soon as we know we will let festival patrons know via this website and facebook page.

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