Numeralla Village is in a mobile phone black spot. A short drive up the hill towards Peak View can obtain coverage.

There is however a Telstra Pay Phone box in the middle of the village that works OK, with coin.

Wireless NBN is coming to the valley and mobile phone providers may piggy back on that in the future. We may also benefit from the Federal Governments Mobile Black Spot Program. But right now, no mobile phone coverage in the valley.


Policy for Zero Tolerance of Unacceptable Behaviour


Ensure the safety of community volunteers and patrons, and maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the Numeralla Folk Festival.


Anti-social, dangerous, disrespectful, drunken, aggressive or violent behaviour at the Numeralla Folk Festival is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the organisers, Liquor Licensee, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) accredited volunteers, or the Authorities.


Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour at the Numeralla Folk Festival, however additional specific responsibilities are vested by Law with the Liquor Licensee appointed under the NSW Government Licensing Service, and those serving alcohol who hold a RSA accreditation, whereby they are responsible for others’ behaviour.

With respect to ANY individuals, the Liquor Licensee and RSA accredited volunteers, have the right vested by Law to refuse them service of alcohol, require them to leave, or refuse them entry to the licenced premises. This can be in response to unacceptable behaviour displayed at the time, or previous behaviour such that there are concerns generated by their presence, or for ANY other reason.

Consistent with the Law, should patrons not comply with a direction to leave the licensed premises, the Police will be contacted. The Police will then be obliged to act in support of the Liquor Licensee and any RSA accredited volunteers.

When acting within their responsibilities with respect to withholding service of alcohol and the presence of individuals on the licensed premises, decisions made by the Liquor Licensee and any RSA accredited volunteers, are final and non-negotiable.