What was to be the 47th Numeralla FF in 2020, was cancelled as the country was seriously affected by bushfires. Then in January 2021 the festival was cancelled again due to COVID 19 restrictions. The Numeralla Folk Festival committee are now looking at the plans for Numeralla FF 2022 – it would still be the 47th Festival if it goes ahead. 

The Folk Festival Committee are aware that people are planning their “get out of lockdown” holidays and we want to keep you up to date to help you make those plans. To this end we have got the ball rolling with the initial paperwork in the hope we can make it happen.

Right now, the river is full. The blossoms are bright. It’s shaping up to be the perfect summer for a festival. Except for one thing…

As we are all well aware, COVID-19 is currently affecting all our lives and all our plans.

The folk in Numeralla would love to have a festival this coming January. At the present time, we’re not sure we can make it happen but we are being cautiously optimistic. With the likely necessary COVID-19 controls needed, with associated hardware and additional volunteers required to manage them, we think it may not be a viable proposition.

If it is feasible for our little community to meet all the requirements for staging the event we’ll be giving our best effort to hold the festival over the weekend of Friday 28th – Sunday 30th January.

We will keep you posted.

Please know that we miss you. We hope you are travelling well. We are looking forward to hearing all the songs, poems, tunes and dances you have written during this time of isolation. Perhaps you could send some to us and we could have some space on our webpage to share them?

Take care. Be safe. You are in our hearts.

2021 Numeralla Folk Festival – CANCELLED

For the second year in a row, after considerable contemplation, the Folk Festival subcommittee of NDAI has made the difficult decision not to hold a Festival in 2021.

With a number of key volunteers still dealing with the aftermath of the fires and the likelihood of  the ongoing application of social distancing and other COVID 19 regulation over the holiday season it seems to be just too hard.

Nevertheless, we look forward to organising and holding a 2022 Festival. Even this far out, there are a few exciting  possibilities simmering away that we hope to leverage. More as we learn more.


To all the friends of the Numeralla Folk Festival,

Primarily for safety reasons the 2020 Numeralla Folk Festival has been cancelled.

Numeralla locals and fireys have been dealing with prolonged bushfires for over two weeks. The fires are still active and it is predicted that they will remain so for some weeks. It is currently unsafe for anyone to be camped in or near the village and will likely continue to be so for some time.

Locals are exhausted and even when the fires are over, they will have a lot of tidying up to do.

The Folk Festival Committee have made the difficult, or not so difficult under the circumstances, decision to cancel this year’s Festival in the interests of safety and the wellbeing of the local and the folk communities.

Nevertheless, at a date to be determined, the Numeralla community hopes to organise a post-fires event to celebrate making it through the crisis and to acknowledge and thank all those who have supported the community through fire-fighting, organising, cooking, making donations, giving moral support and in any other way. We will try to keep you posted regarding this.

Further, the committee and Numeralla community at large are saddened to hear of the property and stock losses among the folk community. We extend our deepest condolences to families who have lost loved ones in this disaster.

We are particularly mourning the loss of our dear friend Col Burns, from the upper Belowra Valley who perished in the fire near his property on 31 December. Col was semi Numeralla local, and a regular at the Festival, always quietly lending a hand with deliveries of firewood, doing odd jobs and entertaining us with his many true tales of adventure. Not only one of nature’s gentlemen but a unique character. Vale Col (Rover).

We hope that you are all safe from the fires.


Right now fire is not too far from the Numeralla village. The Festival is hopefully still going ahead, however cancellation may yet occur depending how it evolves. We should make a decision over the coming days, stand by, and stay safe.

The Numeralla Folk Festival

The Little Festival with the Big Heart, established in 1974

24th to 26th January 2020

The annual Numeralla Folk Festival is held on the nearest weekend to Australia Day every January. A dedicated band of community volunteers ensure that the campgrounds and Hall are ready, the kitchen is ready to provide home-cooked meals and goodies, the bar is stocked, and the BBQ will be sizzling.

Numeralla takes great pride in being one of the last traditional festivals in Australia. There are no tickets and you don’t have to book –   and the camping is completely free – just turn up! It’s a long weekend of music, dance, dips in the river, yarns around the campfire and convivial conversation.

As each festival unfolds you can savour the talents and friendship of the people you meet. Some are old favourites you can’t wait to see again and some are delightful new surprises.

There are no shops in the village but you can eat heartily, from breakfast to supper, at the hall. The kitchen is open from 9-ish in the morning until stumps each night, serving snacks, hot and cold drinks, delicious home-cooked meals and goodies. The BBQ serves lunch and dinner. Drinks are available at the bar. All are very reasonably priced.

Highlights of the festival include the Friday Night Showcase, bush dances, and a blackboard concert ( featuring Numeralla’s very own “Numeralla Finger Plunkers” bluegrass band,) – seasoned professionals and budding artists can chalk their name up to play a couple of songs, recite a poem, spin a yarn or entertain the crowd in any creative way. Sunday morning’s Markets have a variety of products. Amble about to sample the fresh food delights, pick up a bargain, listen to some Numeralla bluegrass music or have a cuppa. Dance and music workshops and kid’s activities are also programmed over the three days – no prior skill required!

The festival has been running for over four decades, providing a very social and entertaining weekend for folkies, visitors, and locals. The kitchen, BBQ, bar, raffle and merchandise sales cover the costs of running the festival and allow for a small donation to be given to guest performers, community groups and buildings in the village including the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades, Churches, and Hall. Supporting these sales ensures that the wonderful tradition of the Numeralla Folk Festival can continue, hopefully for many more years to come.

For more information, you can find our page on Facebook “Numeralla Folk Festival” https://www.facebook.com/NumerallaFolkFestival or email numerallafolkfestival@gmail.com

The Numeralla Folk Festival Committee is a Sub-Committee of Numeralla District Activities Inc (NDAI).